BÖ PASTA-01.png

At Böna Factory we combine nordic food science knowledge,  and amazing Kenyan ingredients to create innovate, tasty and healthy 100 % plant-based foods for you. 

We have started with a range of Bö pastas - which will change how you think about pasta!  Delicious taste and high quality guaranteed!

We are actively developing the new products and new product ranges, more to come!

Bö pasta, your new favorite for your yummy, easy, balanced and fast meals!

We combine amazing, nutritious crops to ensure more balanced diets for you, one less thing to worry about! We are trialling different combinations and options, and all the ingredients are labeled in the packaging. All Bö pasta products are always gluten free and vegan. As the products are missing gluten, they needs to be treated a bit more gently while cooking.

The ingredients we use are highly nutritious, meaning they are high in fibre, protein, low sugars and nutrients.