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Food is one of the most important factors in our lives, directly and indirectly. Our individual and planetary health are relying on our smart choices on foods. That is why foods can also change lives.


I dreamed about having an innovative, high-tech dairy factory since the start of my food science studies. That dream lived along quite a while until I realized the world is not the same anymore, a lot has changed and even more has to be changed. Climate change is threatening our future, food industry practices are creating inequalities, industrial livestock systems are simply horrible, environment is suffering, biodiversity plummeting, but we all still have to eat.


Plant based revolution is kicking in, we are starting to understand crucial connections, the solutions needed and acting upon. That is why the dream of dairy factory was past, plant-based awesomeness is present and future. To create foods truly differently, own production company was the only way to go for me. The awesome Finnish-Kenyan team of Böna Factory is creating the products which are so unbelievably easy, healthy, diverse, delicious and simply just so good food.


Eat better, choose better, live better. Don’t want to go all the way 24/7 plant based? Choose plant based always when possible, try out, explore, educate yourself, get more info, keep learning. Böna Factory is here to ensure you have easy and delicious products available, products which give you all you need for you to focus on your life and not worrying about your food and impacts.


Let's change the world together!


For the love of plantastic fantastic food,


Sara and Böna Factory

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Böna Factory is providing new concepts of innovative, healthy and easy 100 % plant based food choices to improve your diet and health. We provide meal and food solutions to increase the diversity in your diet the easiest possible way. We provide everyday luxury in small package - embrace the amazing possibilities of ordinary daily living!


Plant based foods, the new era of change – are you part of it already? See our available options on PRODUCTS




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